Product: Ham’s F12 w/o L-Glutamine

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Ham’s F12 w/o L-Glutamine

Ham’s F12 is a specialized cell culture medium commonly used for the growth of rodent-derived cells, particularly from rabbits and rats, and is an excellent cloning medium for myeloma and hybrid cell cultures. It is commonly used with dialyzed serum, hormones, selenium, and other supplements, making it a versatile option for researchers working with various cell types. The unique feature of Ham’s F12 is that it lacks proteins and growth factors, which allows researchers to have more precise control over the culture environment by supplementing it with serum. Biowest offers Ham’s F12 without L-Glutamine and provides customized media formulations to meet specific research requirements.

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Product Specifications:

  • Product code: L0136-500
  • Shipping conditions: Room Temperature
  • State: Liquid
  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • Storage: +2/+8°C.
  • Sterility: Sterile-filtered

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