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Pig Serum

Porcine serum, also known as swine or pig serum, is derived from the clotted whole blood of pigs. This extraction process involves allowing the blood to clot, followed by centrifugation, which results in the serum being separated. The serum is then collected and filtered at 0.2µm to ensure purity, yielding a solution free of other blood components.

This process is precisely managed at all stages, from serum collection to final packaging, to maintain consistent quality and safety. Rigorous testing of each batch is performed to check for endotoxin and mycoplasma levels, specific virus presence, as well as haemoglobin and total protein levels.

The porcine serum is highly valued in various scientific and clinical applications. It serves as a significant supplement in cell culture media, enhancing cell growth and vitality. Moreover, its use extends to bioassays, immunoassays, and enzyme assays, where it contributes to accurate and efficient testing processes.

Product Specifications:

  • SKU: SSO-500
  • Storage: -18°C
  • State: Frozen
  • Sterility: Sterile-filtered
  • Unit/Size: 500 ml
  • Shelf-life: 4 years

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